What We Do

Southern Outdoor Dreams is a family-based nonprofit organization with a mission to positively impact the lives of disabled / terminally-ill youth and combat-disabled veterans by providing hunting and fishing dream adventures.  


For these individuals, we accomplish our mission by:


• Encouraging them through unique outdoor adventures that create a sense of unity and hope.

• Giving them the opportunity to take their minds off the challenges that confront them on a daily basis. 

• Surrounding them with a group of caring people that will build their confidence and perspective on life.

• Creating an environment for lifelong friendships and bond with a second family that shares a passion for the outdoors. 


Our History

As a father with a child affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, I know first hand the challenges that can confront the families each day. It is very encouraging to know that along the way, we have organizations that exist for the sole purpose of bringing joy to these families through the outdoors.


We have been fortunate enough to discover these organizations and the great people behind them. David Sullivan with Buckmasters Life Hunt, Carol Clark with Kidz Outdoors and Britt Cornwell with Life and Liberty Outdoors are just a few examples of the organizations that are granting these wishes. We are so grateful for what they do and the sacrifices they make to ensure these adventures are special.


It was on a return trip from one of these incredible hunts in 2016 that my family had a lot of time to reflect on how these experiences impacted our son and our family. We knew this was something we wanted to continue to be a part of, but not just on the receiving end. We wanted to give back just like we had received. We didn’t exactly know how, but we knew that if there is a will, we will find the way.


This combined passion for the outdoors and the strong desire to positively impact challenged families was soon joined by 6 other leaders in our community. It was over a fold-out table in our barn one summer night that we unanimously came together as a newly formed board of directors and made the decision for our families to start Southern Outdoor Dreams.


Duke Damron

President; Southern Outdoor Dreams



Board of Directors:

• President – Duke Damron

• Vice-President – Kyle Ragsdale

• Executive Hunting Director - Josh Autenreith

• Children's Director - Breah Knape

• Fundraising Director - Bria Cryer

• Public Relations Director - Sara Autenreith

• Fishing Director - Jeremy Turner

• Veteran's Director - Kevin Karl


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Brazoria County, Texas